Patient Story: In the blink of an eye

Patient Stories

Farhana Habib, a satisfied parent talks about the specialist treatment her son underwent at our hospital:

“Waking up to see your son bleeding from his eyes, is not a sight I would wish on any parent! It was straight out of a horror movie. My son Ryyan had been prone to eye infections since he was a toddler. And while we always went to our regular GP, a day had come when his infection took a turn for the worse.

We rushed to Sidra Medicine’s Pediatric Emergency Department where we were seen by an attentive team of doctors and nurses. Dr. Lisa Goldsworthy particularly stands out, based on her knowledge and bedside manner. Thanks to her and the team’s attention to detail, they made what would have been a stressful time in the ED, easier to handle. They then recommended we see the ophthalmology clinic as a follow up. And thanks to the easier process of getting consultations without a referral at the evening clinics at Sidra Medicine, it was very straight-forward to book a consultation.

It’s not easy having a 10-year-old sit still when their eye is being prodded, but both Dr. Abdul Kamboh and Abdalla Mahmoud from the Ophthalmology clinic were very gentle. The language they used and their approach was assuring and they made Ryyan feel comfortable.

In order to get to the bottom of my son’s repeat eye infections, we then booked a consultation with the Allergy and Immunology evening clinic. Again, the service was really good. Our physician, Dr. Shajitha Melethil talked with me as a parent and with my son as a young patient, in an easy to understand manner.

My son’s treatment was quite a journey but what made it worthwhile, was how thorough the care was, every step of the way. Not only was I able to have Ryyan’s eye infection addressed, we were also able to go in-depth to address why it was recurring. And all this in one place and supported by a great team of doctors, nurses and ED staff.”