Medical Education

Vision & Mission Statement

The vision and mission of the Medical Education Office at Sidra Medicine is to set the highest standards of medical education and continuous professional development opportunities for healthcare professionals and offer the medical trainees an exceptional educational experience to create safe and competent future doctors specialized in children’s and women’s health.

Training takes place alongside highly-skilled healthcare professionals and trained faculty. Our programs maintain an inter-professional education model. Sidra Medicine’s leadership is committed to delivering excellence in medical and inter-professional education, healthcare, and research. Through effective collaboration and partnerships with academic partners, including Weill Cornell Medical College – Qatar, Qatar University, the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education - International (ACGMEI), world-class medical centers, and leading research institutions, Sidra Medicine is committed to offering the best medical education and high-quality healthcare to the children and women of Qatar.


Who We Are & What We Do

The Medical Education Office is a team of highly trained healthcare professionals and skilled administrators who brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in GME, UME, and CME. The Medical Education Team is actively contributing in the development of our core programs, providing guidance to doctors and healthcare professionals, and supporting to the different functions and daily activities of Medical Education Office.

The Medical Education Office also oversees and manages the following core functions and service across Sidra Medicine:

  • Undergraduate and Graduate Programs – Sidra Medicine, in partnership with leading universities throughout Qatar, provide specialist training for students specializing in pediatric and women’s healthcare services.
  • Continuous Medical Education and Continuous Professional Development – Ensures all clinical teams partake in lifelong learning and maintenance of requirements for licensing.
  • Simulation Based Learning – Expands on our immersive and innovation training methods in our advanced facility.
  • Clinical Library – Offers an extensive online and physical library that promotes our evidence-based practice.

For more information about Sidra Medicine’s Medical Education Office, contact us.