Precision Medicine For All Grant

Seeking collaborative partners to fund research-enhanced patient care

Sidra Medicine is committed to bringing research as close to the patient’s bedside as possible. To support this research mission, we have initiated a benevolent “Precision Medicine for All” grant. The grant will allow young patients of all backgrounds, particularly those with genetic, rare or hard-to-diagnose conditions, to access cutting-edge precision diagnostics at Sidra Medicine.

The grant will positively impact the lives of hundreds of young patients living with rare or complex diseases in Qatar and support funding key patient-related clinical research and personalized interventions. It will fund research based diagnostic or therapeutic activities and resources, including but not limited to whole genome sequencing, zebra fish modeling and immunophenotyping at Sidra Medicine.

We are calling upon the community of healthcare partners, technology manufacturers and vendors, distributors and corporate organizations to join us and truly make precision medicine a reality for all patients in Qatar.

The grant will help many children whose families are not aware of where to go to find out what is the underlying cause of the disease or who are unable to afford the experimental therapies, especially since advanced diagnostics or therapies are not covered by health insurance providers. Our collaborative effort will also help reduce the emotional and financial burden for such patients in need.

Please contact for more details and how you can partner with us.