Health Professionals Referral Guidelines

OPC Referral Guidelines

A brief overview of the symptoms healthcare professionals can recognize in order to refer a patient to the Sidra Medicine Outpatient Clinics.

For assistance with referrals or queries from doctors' offices regarding referrals, please call 4003 3333 and ask to be connected to the Referral Center.

Follow up appointments can be made prior to a patient leaving the Hospital or clinic or the patient may call Sidra Medicine at 4003 3333 to schedule a follow up appointment.

Referral Guidelines

Download the complete referral guidelines describing the symptoms for each outpatient clinic.

Sidra Medicine accepts electronic and paper referrals. Providers with information systems interoperable to that of Sidra Medicine can refer electronically, and this is the quickest referral pathway.. Incomplete referrals may not be able to be accepted and may delay patient treatment due as further information may be requested from the referrer.

Electronic E-Referrals

  • Step 1: Select option titled Add, under menu option Orders.
  • Step 2: For children, search for “Sidra” and select “Referral to Sidra Pediatric Services”. For women, search for “gynecology” or “obstetrics”. Select “Referral to Gynecology” for the Gynecology and Reproductive Medicine service, and “Referral to Obstetrics” for all other women’s services. There will be a unified women’s order shortly. Electronic referrals are not possible for the Diagnostic Imaging/Radiology service. Search for Sidra, and select the orders “Referral to Sidra Pediatric Services” for children, “Referral to Obstetrics” for women.
  • Step 3: Complete all required fields, including a distinctive Reason for Referral, and a clinically justifiable level of Priority. For women, also select ‘Sidra Hospital’ in the Referring To field.
  • Step 4: Add patient’s clinical details in the Special Instruction field. For women, also add para, gravida, and expected date of delivery.
  • Step 5: Finalise the order by selecting option titled Sign.

Paper Referrals

  • Step 1: Download a Sidra Medicine Referral Form. If necessary to use Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) referral forms, please mark them ‘For Sidra’, for efficiency.
  • Step 2: Complete all required fields, including a distinctive Reason For Referral, and a clinically justifiable level of Priority, the patient’s contact details, and the referring doctor's name, signature and contact details. Please use clearly legible handwriting, and indicate clinical service for referral, and document appropriate clinical history to justify the requested imaging exams.
  • Step 3: Print three copies; one each for Sidra Medicine, the patient, and the referrer.
  • Step 4: Sign, stamp, and date the hard copy for Sidra Medicine.
  • Step 5: Fax copy to +974 4003 6024, and diagnostic imaging referral forms to If necessary, you can e-mail it to, or courier it to the Barwa Referral Booking Management Office.