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Welcome to PMFG21

Dr. Khalid Fakhro
Chief Research Officer
Chair – PMFG Conference

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Welcome to Precision Medicine and Functional Genomics (PMFG 2021) ! The flagship Precision Medicine Conference of Qatar.

This is an international forum that has been running for six years bringing together nationally and internationally recognized researchers, healthcare professionals, policymakers, and community members to explore the latest developments and innovations in biomedical research and how they translate into precision medicine solutions. This year’s program will be focused around four parallel tracks as follow:

  • Day 1 Track 1: Future of pediatric genomic medicine
  • Day 1 Track 2: Large Scale Genomes and Data: From Discovery to Health
  • Day 2 Track 1: Precision care in maternal and child health
  • Day 2 Track 2: Advances in innovative therapies for precision medicine 

Due to Covid restrictions, this year’s conference will be held virtually. Nevertheless, it will bring the same high quality of actively engaged clinical and scientific expertise in a single place to help fuel Precision Medicine in the country and the region.

A post-conference Virtual Satellite Symposium will be held on the 6th of December 2021 entitled: “Unlocking the full potential of Precision Medicine: overcoming the challenges and the geographical distribution of advanced therapies”.

The program of this Symposium will be led by experts and distinguished speakers from different institutions in Qatar, representing the opportunity to foster, in an effective environment, innovative scientific knowledge and clinical programs.  
The purpose of this Symposium is to address interest, state of the art and to foster the discussion on measures and logistics process to overcoming the major challenges for the development of the clinical application of precision medicine.

A virtual platform will allow to attend live sessions and post-event recorded materials.

Please visit this page for regular updates and join us in December as thought leaders in the field of Precision Medicine, share their insights, and host discussions.


Further information on this year's program and how to register are found on this website. If you have any specific queries, please email:

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