Wouter R.L. Hendrickx, PhD

Principal Investigator – Assistant Level Functional Cancer Omics Laboratory

Email: whendrickx (@) sidra.org
Labname : Pediatric Cancer Omics Lab
ORCID: 0000-0002-7649-5092
Publons: https://publons.com/researcher/49247/wouter-rl-hendrickx/

SELECTED PUBLICATIONS(equal contribution, *corresponding):

  • Roelands J, Hendrickx W, Kuppen P, Mall R, Zoppoli G, Saad M, Halliwill K, Curigliano G, Rinchai D, Decock J, Delogu LG, Turan T, Samayoa J, Chouchane L, Wang E, Finetti P, Bertucci F, Miller LD, Galon J, Marincola FM, Ceccarelli M, Bedognetti D*. Oncogenic states dictate the prognostic and predictive connotations of intratumoral immune respons. J Immunother Cancer (2019, to appear)
  • Rozenblit M, Hendrickx W, Heguy A, Chiriboga L, Loomis L, Ray K, Darvishian F, Egeblad M, Demaria S, Marincola M, Bedognetti D*, Adams S*. Transcriptomic profiles conducive to immune-mediated tumor rejection in human breast cancer skin metastases treated with Imiquimod.Sci Rep(2019)9(1):8572.
  • Bertucci B, Finetti P, Simeone I, Hendrickx W, Wang E, Marincola F, Viens P, Mamessier E, Ceccarelli M, Birnbaum D, Bedognetti D. The Immunologic Constant of Rejection classification (ICR) refines the prognostic value of conventional prognostic signatures in breast cancer. Br J Cancer (2018) 19(11):1383-1391.
  • Orecchioni M, Bedognetti D, Newman L, Fuoco C, Spada F, Hendrickx W,Marincola FM,Sgarrella F,Rodrigues FA, Ménard-Moyon C,Cesareni G,Kostarelos K,Bianco, Delogu LG. Single-cell mass cytometry and transcriptome profiling reveal the impact of graphene nanomaterials on human immune cells. Nat Commun (2017)8(1): 1109.
  • HendrickxW, Simeone I, AnjumS, MokrabY, Bertucci F, Finetti P, CuriglianoG, SeligerB, CeruloL, Tomei S, DeloguLG, MaccalliC, WangE, MillerLD, MarincolaFM, CeccarelliM, BedognettiD*. ­Identification of genetic determinants of breast cancer immune phenotypes by integrative genome-scale analysis. Oncoimmunology (2017)6(2):e1253654.
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