Nicholas van Panhuys, PhD

Principal Investigator – Assistant Level
Laboratory of Immunoregulation

Email: nvanpanhuys (@)
Phone: +974 4003-7559
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Selected publications (†co-first, *corresponding):

  • Liarski VM, Sibley A, van Panhuys N, Ai J, Chang A, Kennedy D, Merolle M, Germain RN, Giger ML, Clark MR. Quantifying in situ adaptive immune cell cognate interactions in humans. Nat Immunol. (2019)
  • Veres T, Kopcsányi T, van Panhuys N, Gerner M, Liu Z, Rantakari P,Dunkel J, Miyasaka M, Jalkanen S, Germain R. CD4+ T-cell cytokine production within airway mucosal DC-T-cell clusters drives the local recruitment of myeloid effector cells in response to house dust mite allergen. Journal of Immunology. (2017)
  • Liu Z, Gerner MY, Van Panhuys N, Levine AG, Rudensky AY, Germain RN. Immune homeostasis enforced by co-localized effector and regulatory T cells. Nature. (2015)