Mohammad Haris, PhD

Principal Investigator – Full Level
Laboratory of Molecular and Metabolic Imaging

Email: mharis(@)
Phone: +974 40037382
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Selected publications (†co-first, *corresponding):

  1. Cai K, Haris M†, et al. Magnetic resonance imaging of glutamate. Nature Medicine 2012 Jan 22;18(2):302-6.
  2. Haris M, Singh A, et al. A technique for in vivo mapping of myocardial creatine kinase metabolism. Nature Medicine 2014 20(2):209-14.
  3. Parker KR, Migliorini M, Perkey E, Yost KE, Bagga P, Haris M, et al. Single-cell analyses identify brain mural cells expressing CD19 as potential off-tumor targets for CAR-T immunotherapies. Cell 2020 Oct 1;183(1):126-142.e17