Luis R. Saraiva, PhD

Principal Investigator – Associate Level
A/Director – Disease Modeling and Therapeutics Department

Email: lsaraiva (@)
Phone: +974 40037639
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Selected publications (*corresponding):

  • Saraiva, LR★. The Neanderthal inside us. Nat Rev Genet (2023) 24(3), 142.
  • Mennella, J; […]; Saraiva, LR; Mainland, J; Himes, BE; Pepino, Y. Genetic variation and sensory perception of a pediatric formulation of ibuprofen: Can a medicine taste too good for some? Int J Mol Sci (2023) 24(17), 13050.
  • Segura, MLRT; Abou-Moussa, EH; […]; Malnic, B; Scialdone, A; Saraiva, LR★. A 3D transcriptomics atlas of the mouse nose sheds light on the anatomical logic of smell. Cell Rep (2022) 38, 110547.
  • Kubo, S; […]; Saraiva, LR; […]; Lo, B; Lenardo, M. Congenital iRHOM2 deficiency causes ADAM17 dysfunction and environmentally directed immunodysregulatory disease. Nat Immunol (2022) 23, 75–85
  • Fadiga, L; […]; Al-Naama, A; Saraiva, LR★; Lemos, MC. A novel FGFR1 missense mutation in a Portuguese family with congenital hypogonadotropic hypogonadism. Int J Mol Sci (2022) 23, 4423.
  • Manoel, D; Makhlouf, M; […]; Selvaraj, S; Hasnah, R; Mainland, JD; Gerkin, RC; Saraiva, LR★. Deconstructing the mouse olfactory percept through an ethological atlas. Curr Biol (2021) 31: 2809–2818.
  • Levy, R; […]; Saraiva, LR; […]; Casanova, JL; Puel, A. Inherited human c-Rel deficiency disrupts myeloid and lymphoid immunity to multiple infectious agents. J Clin Invest (2021)131(17):e150143.
  • Huang, SSY; Makhlouf, M; AbouMoussa, EH; […]; D; Logan, DW; Scialdone, A; Garand, M; Saraiva, LR★. “Differential regulation of the immune system in a brain-liver-fats organ network during short term fasting”. Mol Metab (2020) 40:10138.
  • Ambrosi, TH; Scialdone, A; Graja, A; […]; Schürmann, A; Saraiva, LR; Schulz, TJ. Adipocyte accumulation in the bone marrow during obesity and aging impairs stem cell-based hematopoietic and bone regeneration. Cell Stem Cell (2017) 20:1–14.