Research Operations and Services


The Research Operations and Services Core is led by Max Renault. Mr. Renault has a background in Engineering and has extensive expertise in Project/Program Management, R&D, New Product Development, Operations Management, Business Development and Technology Commercialization. Mr. Renault has worked in Europe, Far-East and Middle-East in the fields of Telecommunications, Manufacturing, Aerospace/Defense, Formula One and Biomedical Research. He is currently a doctoral candidate for a PhD in Innovation Management.

Our mission is to offer a “one-stop-shop” approach and solution-oriented admin service to researchers and clinicians. We help establish good laboratory practice, agile and fit-for-purpose processes, and high standards for managing research in a compliant manner. Our main administrative functions are as follows. The Project Management Office serves as a central repository and enabling service for research studies. The Laboratories & Biosafety Office ensure labs are in good working condition and practices safe. The Grants Office manages external awards. The Business Office handles budgets, financial reporting and procurement matters. The Outcomes & Reporting Office looks after strategic reporting, communications and outreach. Finally, the Research Contracts Office manages collaborations and other research agreements. As a group we are the primary interface and facilitators between scientists and internal/external parties, and lead commercialization of research services.