Clinical Research

Commitment to Protection of Human Subject Research

Sidra Medicine is committed to protecting the rights, dignity, welfare, and privacy of human subjects by adhering to the ethical principles set forth in the Belmont Report: Ethical Principles and Guidelines for the Protection of Human Subjects. This fundamental commitment to the protection of human participants applies to all research involving humans regardless of sponsorship, funding, or the location of the research. Sidra Medicine engages in human subject research and therefore bears responsibility for protecting participants involved in the research when it intervenes or interacts with living individuals or obtains individually identifiable private information for research purposes.

Sidra Medicine’s commitment to advancing the ethical treatment of research participants, promoting responsible conduct of research, and ensuring and protecting the rights of every human research volunteer is achieved through the Belmont Report’s basic principles:

  • Respect for persons – applied by obtaining informed consent, and considering privacy, confidentiality, and additional protections for vulnerable populations
  • Beneficence – applied such that the potential benefits of research are maximized and possible risks are minimized to the persons involved
  • Justice – evidenced in the equitable selection of research participants.

Our policies and procedures on human research comply with MOPH’s Guidelines, Regulations and Policies for Research Involving Human Subjects, International Conference on Harmonization Good Clinical Practice guidelines and other applicable regulations governing human subjects research.

The process of education, quality, compliance and monitoring as described in our policies and procedures serve to ensure the safe and ethical conduct of research that will protect human subjects in an environment of mutual trust and integrity in the pursuit of knowledge, development, innovation, and growth.

All research involving human subjects overseen and conducted at Sidra Medicine irrespective of funding must be reviewed by the IRB, unless the IRB Office determines that the research is exempt in accordance with Sidra Medicine policy and MOPH regulation. The IRB has the responsibility and authority to review, approve, disapprove, or require changes in research activities involving human subjects.