Research Mission and Strategy

About Us

In line with its vision to be a world renowned academic medical center, Sidra Medicine is built upon three mission-critical pillars: education, research, and clinical care.

The Research Branch at Sidra Medicine is tasked with two strategic goals: establishing a strong, clinically oriented biomedical research program, and developing a national resource of genomic information that improves health in Qatar and the region. Achieving these goals requires significant collaboration both internally – among research, corporate and clinical stakeholders – and externally, via strategic partnerships with other Qatar-based and international institutions, that combine to establish world-class, research-driven care for our patients.

In line with these goals, the Research Branch is tasked to deliver a hospital-wide Precision Medicine Program for Sidra Medicine, built upon the philosophy that research technologies and innovation should play a prominent role in every patient’s journey. Strategically, this Program is designed to integrate research into clinical workflows across three pillars:

  1. Research for every patient – developing protocols that allow every patient access to cutting-edge research studies via informed consent
  2. Advanced Diagnostics – leveraging next-generation research technologies (e.g., genome sequencing) to dissect diseases and identify their causes at an ultra-high resolution, beyond the limits currently available as standard-of-care
  3. Personalized Therapy – Establishing infrastructure and systems to deliver advanced therapies (e.g., stem cells and gene therapy) and support a culture of clinical trials at Sidra Medicine

These strategic pillars require close collaboration, trust and interactions between patients, trainees, physicians, and researchers to advance care at Sidra Medicine. Such a multidisciplinary approach reinforces how education, research and clinical care merge and can become part of every patient’s journey with us; ensuring that discoveries made from patients go towards improving their very own care, delivering personalized medicine to all.

Our common goal is to become a key differentiator, setting Sidra Medicine apart from its peers in the local, regional and international context, and positioning Sidra Medicine as a unique Academic Medical Center serving patients from Qatar and abroad.

Dr. Khalid A. Fakhro Dr. Ziyad Hijazi
Chief Research Officer Chief International Patients Services 
Chair, Department of Cardiovascular Diseases