What to Bring

Covid Visitation Guidelines


  • Two Designated Adults are allowed to accompany one child for their appointment.
  • Infectious Diseases (ID) screening must be completed at the Registration Desks for all Designated Adults attending outpatient appointments with the patient.
  • The Designated Adults for children attending Hematology – Oncology Outpatient Center (HOOC), Outpatient Infusion Center (OPIC) and Dialysis will be screened for acute signs of infection on each visit.


  • Women attending outpatient appointments are allowed one companion.
  • Children under the age of 18 are not allowed to visit.

Checklist for Visits

To ensure a smooth and faster registration process with us, please note that you will need to bring the following documentation to your appointment:


  • Your Qatar ID
  • Your child’s Qatar ID, Passport or Birth Certificate
  • Valid Health Card
  • Valid Health Insurance Card
  • Children will not be seen without a parent or guardian present
  • Orphans require identification of custody
  • Minors: copy of guardian’s or sponsor’s passport
  • Payment debit or credit card as we are a cashless facility


  • Passport or Qatar ID. For residents: If you are not sponsored by an employer, you will need to provide proof of sponsorship (e.g.: husband’s passport, employer’s letter or sponsor’s letter)
  • Insurance card (If applicable)
  • For Obstetrics and IVF appointments: a copy of a marriage certificate or other proof of marriage document with exemption for single patients
  • Payment debit or credit card as we are a cashless facility

Kindly contact the clinic for any additional pre-requisites for your appointment.

Please arrive 15 minutes before your appointment time to complete registration. If you arrive 15 minutes late, your appointment will be cancelled.