Appointments and Referrals

Women's Self-Referral:

To book an appointment – please contact our Call Center on 4003 3333

Pediatric Services

Specialized pediatric services operating from 8:00 am–3:00 pm, Sunday-Thursday typically require a certified health care provider referral.

Private pediatric evening clinics do not require a referral and operate from 3:00 – 8:00 pm., Sunday-Thursday.

Please call 4003 3333 to request a pediatric appointment or inquire about available services.

Private Evening Clinics

Now offering more choice in healthcare services in Qatar, Sidra Medicine has launched its private evening clinics from 3.00 to 8.00 pm on weekdays. No referrals required. We accept self-pay and insurance.

Private consultations are now available in the evenings for:

Call 4003 3333 to directly book a consultation.

Pediatric Referral Guidelines

Non-Sidra Medicine physicians may refer patients electronically if their patient records are interoperable with Sidra Medicine's or on paper by viewing the Physicians Referral Guidelines.

Certified school nurses and counselors can refer patients for adolescent psychiatry or child advocacy services by submitting a form request to
All digital referrals should be sent to:

Paper referrals may be deposited at the Outpatient Clinics' information desk or the Tower A Plaza level reception desk in the main hospital. This service is for deposits only; we cannot schedule an appointment simultaneously.

Schedulers will contact patients once the referral is received to confirm their appointment.

If you or your referring physician have any questions, please call 4003 3333 and ask to be connected to the referral center.

Pediatric Emergency and Urgent Care

Walk-ins are accepted without a referral. Patients will be treated according to the severity of their requirement in either Emergency or Urgent Care.

Emergency services are provided free of charge. Urgent Care services will be charged.

Obstetric Triage (Emergency) and Urgent Care

The clinic treats moderate to emergency pregnancy and female reproductive concerns. Urgent Care treats pregnancies of less than 20 weeks duration. Pregnancies over 20 weeks are treated in Obstetric Triage — both services are chargeable.

Contact Urgent Care and Obstetrics Triage services on 4003 1401 or 4003 1402 to answer any questions about payment options.