Sidra Medicine Launches Pediatric Wellness Clinic


QF entity offers diagnostic and preventative services for children from 0-18 years

20 March 2023, Doha, Qatar – Sidra Medicine, a member of Qatar Foundation, has launched a new private Pediatric Wellness Clinic for children and young people up to the age of 18.

The clinic offers various diagnostic and preventative services, including immunizations. The clinic’s highly qualified team evaluate and track growth and development, and assists parents in playing a crucial part in their child's well-being.


Dr. Ahmed Alhammadi, Executive Chair of Pediatric Medicine at Sidra Medicine said: “Each child and family are unique and every stage of a child’s growth and development is a milestone. While well-baby checks are the norm for newborns and toddlers, we want to empower parents to understand the importance of continuing the follow up care for their teenage children as well.

Our Pediatric Wellness Clinic, takes a very family centered approach to care, as we look into the family health history to determine the state of their child’s current health and lifestyle. Being able to acquire important information related to their toddler or teenager’s physical, emotional and mental health, will help them make impactful decisions and take necessary actions to maintain their child’s well-being.”

“While common questions related to nutrition, sleep and safety in the home and at school can be addressed, routine check-ups, regular vaccines and screenings, can also ensure that the family and the clinic can work together to manage or prevent serious health conditions in the children at an early stage. Parents will receive anticipatory guidance regarding their child’s health and development. To better serve our community, we also provide convenient care options to the Pediatric Wellness Clinic at our private evening clinics, which are open from 3-8 pm,” continued Dr. Alhammadi.

Services at the Pediatric Wellness Clinic, include physical examination, measurement weight, and height monitoring. The clinic’s developmental surveillance and screening services include newborn screening; developmental and mental health screening.

“For example, if a family are concerned about any behavioral or mental health changes in their teenage children, our team will work closely with them to guide them through the initial screening requirements, before recommending any in-house specialists such as our child and adolescent mental health team. Another support system involves working closely with the parents, particularly mothers who have just delivered a baby. During the infancy phase, we can refer the mother to our Women’s mental health team as needed,” said Dr. Alhammadi.
The clinic also offers a comprehensive list of vaccines, in accordance with Qatar’s Ministry of Public Health's recommendations, as well as vaccines that comply with international requirements, such as HPV vaccines for both males and females and the Meningitis B vaccine.

“By choosing Sidra Medicine, should any abnormalities be found, or if we believe the child needs a more thorough medical examination, we can refer them to see one of our pediatric specialists in a timely manner. That way the child’s entire health record will be available to a multidisciplinary team of experts, to ensure they receive the most well-rounded care possible.
This is one of the unique aspects of choosing Sidra Medicine to address a child’s health and wellness needs, throughout their childhood and adolescent journey. Parents can also access health information on our secure patient portal, which is very useful when travelling or if they are moving overseas,” continued Dr. Alhammadi.

The Pediatric Wellness Clinic is a private service and does not require a referral. The clinic is also part of Sidra Medicine’s private evening clinics and can be accessed on select weekdays from 3.00 to 8.00 pm.  Sidra Medicine accepts self-pay and insurance including direct billing with select providers. To book an appointment, call 4003 3333. For more details, please visit: