Sidra Medicine launches Male Infertility Clinic


QF Entity expands reproductive medicine services to provide comprehensive care for couples

Sidra Medicine has launched a new male infertility clinic as part of its expansion of private reproductive medicine services in Qatar.

Dr. Johnny Awwad, Executive Chair of Women’s Services and Division Chief of Reproductive Medicine at Sidra Medicine said: “More than 50 per cent of couples suffer from infertility due to male factor related issues. With the launch of the new male infertility clinic, Sidra Medicine is now able to treat couples by offering comprehensive medical and surgical treatments for both husband and wife. We work closely with them to develop a personalized treatment plan based on medical history, specific circumstances and future needs.”

The clinic is headed by Dr. Bassel Bachir, who was recently appointed as an attending physician in adult urology and male reproductive medicine. The clinic treats all aspects of male infertility and offers surgical and non-surgical treatments pertaining to male urology; sexual and erectile dysfunction; low libido and ejaculatory disorders. 

Dr. Bachir said: “We offer a comprehensive service based out of the same clinic where both partners can be seen and treated at the same time within the same clinic setting. We work closely with other teams across pathology, radiology, endocrinology and laboratory services to ensure we can provide a holistic approach to care for all our patients. This expedited service provides comfort to couples who invariably are extremely anxious to achieve a pregnancy.”

Sidra Medicine’s highly-regarded reproductive team consists of consultant physicians (male and female fertility experts), embryologists, nurses, and support staff with extensive international experience in all aspects of fertility treatment and preservation, including IVF and reproductive health. 

For details about the male infertility clinic, please visit: Reproductive Medicine (IVF & Fertility Management) | Sidra Medicine or call 4003 7113.