Sidra Medicine announces patient referral and admissions process for 14 January 2018 opening


Sidra Medicine, a specialty children’s, young people and women’s healthcare organization and member of Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development, is preparing for the phased opening of its main hospital building on 14 January 2018, and has announced details on how patients can access care.

As an organization focusing on high-risk and specialty cases, Sidra Medicine will continue to see patients via referrals and by appointment only. Children, young people and women coming to Sidra Medicine must be referred by a physician from Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) clinics and Primary Health Care Corporation (PHCC) centers. No walk-in or emergency services will be available at opening.

The first inpatients for both children’s and women’s services for the main hospital have already been registered and scheduled. Admissions in the first few months will be through the Sidra Medicine Outpatient Clinic and in collaboration with HMC. Sidra Medicine will offer more inpatient services during the course of 2018.

On 14 January 2018 and during the first weeks of opening, Sidra Medicine’s inpatient services include pediatric medicine (gastroenterology, endocrinology and adolescent medicine) and elective general surgery for children and young people while its women’s service will only be doing elective caesarian deliveries. All other deliveries (even for patients currently registered and receiving their antenatal care at Sidra Medicine) will be at HMC until the women’s services is fully operational by mid-2018.

The emergency department at Sidra Medicine will become operational towards mid-2018. In the meantime, in the event of an emergency, parents and mothers-to-be should visit their nearest Pediatric Emergency Center (PEC) or the Emergency Department at HMC.

Dr. John Ferguson, Chief Medical Officer, said: “Sidra Medicine has been setting new standards in care since the opening of our Outpatient Clinic in May 2016. We look forward to caring for the children, young people and women of Qatar in the new state-of-the art hospital. As we gear up to welcome our first inpatients on 14 January, their continued safety and comfort is of utmost importance to us. Inpatient services at the main hospital are being phased over the course of 2018. We are working very closely with our partners at HMC and PHCC to ensure that the care and services patients receive are transitioned as smoothly as possible.”

Dr. Abdulla Al Kaabi, Executive Chair of the Children’s Services Clinical Management Group, Executive Vice Chief Medical Officer and Member of the Board of Governors, said: “We are less than three weeks out from taking one of the biggest steps in helping to advance the specialist care of children and adolescents and maternity services in Qatar. Our team is focused on ensuring all patients receive individualized care that addresses their specific needs. A crucial part of that is working with our community and partners by giving them all the information necessary to make informed healthcare choices and decisions.”

Physicians who have referred patients to Sidra Medicine are encouraged to continue doing so using the referral guidelines posted on the Sidra Medicine website. The guidelines are being updated on an ongoing basis as new services come onboard and the referral network continues to expand.

To ensure the best possible patient journey for children, young people and women who have been referred to Sidra Medicine, please review responses to the most frequent questions below. For more information, please call +974-4003-3333 or visit


Will the main Sidra Medicine hospital accept referrals from private healthcare institutions?

No. At this stage, Sidra Medicine will not be accepting referral patients from other healthcare institutions apart from HMC and PHCC. Plans are underway to widen the referral network so that we can accept referrals from physicians from other healthcare institutions in the country. Sidra also has an international referrals office that reviews referrals from abroad.

Can patients request to be referred to Sidra Medicine?

Patients need to discuss their preferences with their primary or secondary physician who will refer them to the most appropriate provider based on individual assessment. At this stage, there will be no direct referrals of pregnant women (obstetric patients) from PHCC to Sidra Medicine. These referrals will be determined/ triaged at HMC by both Sidra Medicine and HMC doctors.

How do I get a referral to Sidra Medicine for my child or teenager?

At this time, referrals for children and young people can be received from HMC and PHCC clinics.

How do I get a referral to Sidra Medicine as a woman? What services do you provide?

At this stage, there are no direct referrals of pregnant (obstetric) patients from PHCC to Sidra Medicine. PHCC and other care providers will continue to refer all pregnant women to HMC. These will then be reviewed and triaged by both Sidra Medicine and HMC doctors to either Sidra Medicine or HMC outpatient clinics for care. Sidra Medicine’s women’s service will only be doing elective caesarian deliveries within the first weeks of opening. These patients are already registered. All other deliveries (even for those currently registered and receiving their antenatal care at Sidra Medicine) will be at HMC until the women’s service is fully opened in mid-2018.

Can I just walk in if I just have the letter from my doctor?

No. Once a referral has been made, a patient’s existing healthcare provider will coordinate with them to schedule and confirm a consultation with a Sidra Medicine physician. The patient will be contacted to schedule an appointment.

How will this impact existing appointments at HMC?

Over the next few weeks, some children’s appointments from HMC will be transferred to Sidra Medicine. If this is the case, you will be notified by Sidra Medicine about your next appointment. Please call +974-4003-3333 for more details.

What about emergency services?

The Sidra Medicine Emergency Department (ED) will not be open on 14 January 2018. Plans are underway to open the ED in mid-2018 and more information will be shared in due course.


What kind of patients can I refer to Sidra Medicine?

Sidra medicine will see specialist cases across several specialties as outlined on the Sidra Medicine website:

What is the age group?

Sidra Medicine treats children who require its specialist services from birth through 18 years of age. Women with high-risk pregnancies will also be referred to Sidra Medicine by their attending physicians.

What is the process to refer patients to Sidra Medicine? Is there a form or template?

Referral guidelines can be found on the Sidra Medicine website:

Who can I speak with at Sidra Medicine to get an understanding of the referral process?

Physicians can call +974-4003-3333 or visit for more information.