Sidra Medicine Leadership Visits Arab Health


Senior executives from Sidra Medicine took part in the region’s largest medical trade show, the 39th Arab Health Congress and Exhibition that took place in Dubai, leading discussions around the development of specialized care centers, the use of Big Data in healthcare, as well as topics relating to pediatrics and radiology.

Sidra Medicine will be the region’s leading specialized health center, harnessing the power of advanced technology and top talent to deliver best care for families. Interprofessional teams made up of experts from around the world will work together with cutting-edge equipment to make sure Sidra Medicine’s patients experience the best standard of care.

Sidra Medicine’s Executive Vice Chief Medical Officer Dr. Abdulla Al Kaabi shared his perspective on the importance of offering specialized centers of care as they allow clinicians and administrators to hone advanced skill sets. As a women’s and children’s hospital of Qatar, Sidra Medicine will be uniquely placed to provide the best care for some of the most challenging cases. He also emphasized that to make the specialized centers successful, there is a need to have a well-established health systems in place that includes primary and secondary level of care, as well as the right clinical pathways and referral processes across the health system.

Clinical Chief of Radiology Dr. Deepak Kaura moderated the pediatric radiology conference and took part in the Big Data Conference panel discussions, pointing out that the most interesting trend emerging from the event was the acceleration of seamless integration between big data and advanced technologies to improve health and wellness, among other areas.

He also shared knowledge about the need for data standards in the rapidly evolving mobile health app market and provided advice to delegates who are looking at creating health information exchanges (HIEs).

Sidra Medicine’s Chief Medical Officer Dr. Edward Ogata hosted a lunch for Arab Health participants, discussing Sidra Medicine’s impressive progress since last year’s event. “The magnificent Sidra Medicine building is being equipped and, in some areas, staff have already begun transitioning to the new hospital to begin testing and commissioning specific areas. This will be a crucial year for Sidra Medicine in terms of recruitment and operations and we are looking forward to meeting our first patients,” said Dr. Ogata.