Zebrafish Models to Boost Research in Rare Genetic Diseases Workshop

Date: August 27, 2023 - August 31, 2023


Sidra Medicine Zebrafish Functional Genomics Facility, employs a platform of assays that merges the gap between clinical presentations and genomics findings in rare pediatric hereditary disorders presenting a roadmap toward precision medicine. Earlier diagnosis of rare diseases means earlier intervention and potentially saving a life. With the latest scientific developments, the zebrafish model offers hope that this diagnostic odyssey could be cut short (sometimes from years to mere weeks), with the missing piece of the puzzle uncovered and leading to a sound diagnosis.

Zebrafish, a unique vertebrate model with high throughput phenotypic capacity, present a compelling alternative to other model systems given their high fertility, large breed size, small larvae, rapid development, and transparency. Disease clinical presentations are compared against the established zebrafish characteristics of genetic similarities, cardiovascular and neurological development, and function of swimming, vision, and auditory. Zebrafish has the power to visualize molecular processes by live in vivo imaging of genetically encoded fluorescent reporters, and immunohistochemical stains. Zebrafish small size makes drug screens accessible to identify molecules protective in disease models, a further application for human rare genetic diseases  therapeutics.

The workshop is offering a hands-on experience demonstrating state of the art platform of zebrafish assays in precision medicine. Presenters will describe the zebrafish model applications and their critical role in deciphering the underlying mechanisms of rare genetic diseases and innovative therapeutic solutions.


  • Housing and care
  • Breeding and embryo development; screening and imaging
  • Microinjection and visualization
  • Cardiovascular function imaging
  • Behavior analysis
  • Data analysis
  • Advanced imaging systems

Learning Objectives

  • Employing zebrafish model in translational research.

Target Audience

  • University researchers and students:
  • HBKU, College of Health and Life Sciences (CHLS)
  • UDST, University of Doha for Science and Technology
  • Weill Cornell Medicine – Qatar
  • CMU-Q Biological Sciences
  • QU, Health cluster and Biological sciences
  • Medical personnel interested in translational research
  • Biomedical laboratory personnel


  • Dr. Sahar Da’as, Manager, Zebrafish Facility
  • Ms. Doua Abdelrahman, research specialist
  • Mr. Waseem Hasan, research specialist
  • Mr. Ahmad Hani