Health Literacy Education Workshop

Date: July 09, 2024


Becoming a health literate organization depends on many aspects. One of these aspects is educating staff to improve their health literacy skills and consequently improving patients’ health outcomes.  The health Literacy Education workshop is aimed at clinical staff from hospitals and clinics to enhance their knowledge as well as provide them with the necessary tools to overcome barriers.

The workshop content is evidence based and some of the topics are adapted from the Agency for Healthcare and Research Quality (AHRQ). This activity is category 1 & 3 and attendees will receive CPD points.


  • Health Literacy
  • Learning Barriers
  • Patient and Family Education
  • Patient Engagement
  • Medication Adherence
  • Teachback Method
  • Documentation

Workshop Objectives

  • To enhance clinical staff knowledge about health literacy
  • To educate clinical staff about the importance of applying health literacy skills in day to day work
  • To provide clinical staff with the necessary tools to overcome health literacy barriers

Target Audience

Clinical staff:  Physicians -Nurses- pharmacists – Allied health professionals – Medical interpreters

Reward Credits CPD

Participants will be awarded 6 CPD points 

  • category 1 (4 points) 
  • category 3 (2 points)

Scientific Committee

  • Helen Sutherland - Clinical Nurse Education manager
  • Dr.Wessam Gadelhaq - Medical Education Director
  • Amal Alfarsi – Health & Wellness Education Manager
  • Kedra Elmi – Nurse Educator
  • Evony Constantino - Clinical Nurse Leader

Main presenters

  • Aljori Al-Ajji: Health & Wellness Educator 
  • Fatima Al-Maslamani: Health & Wellness Educator
  • Maha Al-Naama: Health & Wellness Educator 

Guest Presenters

  • Quality Manager
  • Medication Management and Pharmacy Quality
  • Clinical Nurse Educator

Organizers’ contact details

Tel: 40035453

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