Program Overview

Sidra Medicine’s Pediatric Surgery Fellowship is an accredited training program by ACGMEI.  It is a fellowship designed to graduate independent practice ready surgeons at the level of a Consultant Surgeon. There are two streams of entry either after a pediatric surgical or adult general surgical residency. Pediatric surgery training is designed to diagnose, manage, and treat the entire spectrum of pediatric surgical diseases including head and neck, thoracic, abdominal, pelvic and soft tissue diseases.

As the only tertiary Pediatric surgical center in Qatar there is a complete spectrum of pediatric surgical pathology in our program.

Beyond a comprehensive training program in pediatric surgery there are several unique aspects of our program including, minimally invasive and robotic surgery, advanced short bowel rehabilitation and integrated interventional training to allow the future surgeon to use a needle or a knife in the treatment of their patients.

Goals and Objectives

Education in pediatric surgery is a 3-year program that includes all aspects of patient care.  This includes the periods of development from fetus, neonate, childhood and finally a transition to adult care. We also care for adult survivors of pediatric surgical illness if needed.

Our training objectives are structured around the ACGMEI 6 core competencies. These competencies include training of the complete physician and surgeon. The competencies are Patient Care, Medical Knowledge, Professionalism, Interpersonal and Communication Skills, Practice-based Learning and Improvement, and Systems-based Practice.

Academia is important as a pediatric surgeon and we emphasize active involvement during the program. Individual academic plans are developed with each trainee to achieve this goal.

The overall goal of the Sidra Medicine Pediatric Surgery Fellowship is to train an independent practice ready surgeon that is capable of assuming the role as a Consultant Pediatric Surgeon.

Clinical Training and Key Rotations

Pediatric Surgery is a 3-year fellowship with 1 fellow per year.  During the 3-year program the rotations will be calculated in 4-week blocks.

The fellow is expected to rotate in the following rotations:

Key Rotations
Pediatric Surgery (29 blocks)
Pediatric Urology (6 block)
Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (2 block)
Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (2 block)
Longitudinal Interventional Radiology 1 day/week for 3 years
Mandatory Courses, PALS, NRP, ATLS (provided by Sidra)

The curriculum also includes a robust schedule of academic activities such as teaching, Morbidity and Mortality, Journal Club, Grand Rounds, Pathology rounds, Radiology rounds and complex case rounds. Multidisciplinary teams are critical and pediatric surgical trainees also participate in tumour board, Aerodigestive MDT, Short Bowel MDT

Entry Requirements

  • A basic medical qualification MD/MBBS or equivalent degree recognized by Sidra Medicine and eligible for licensure as a trainee by the Department of Healthcare Practitioners in Qatar (DHP).
  • Completion of a residency in adult general surgery or pediatric surgery.
  • Demonstrates commitment to collaborative patient care.
  • Evidence of relevant academic and research achievements, e.g. degrees, prizes, awards, distinctions, publications, presentations, other achievements commensurate with totality of period of training.
  • Successful completion of a selection interview according to the Rules and Regulations of Graduate Medical Education.

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