Program Overview

Pediatric Pulmonology Fellowship Program is an ACGME-I accredited program designed to train physicians in pediatric pulmonology over the course of 3 years. The program includes inpatient and outpatient clinical experience, extensive training in diagnostic testing, and training to perform diagnostic procedures such as flexible bronchoscopy. Fellows are also trained on quality assurance methods and to conduct clinical research.

Goals and Objectives

  • Ensure that graduates can work independently as consultants in pediatric pulmonology upon successfully graduating.
  • Graduates are able to interpret full range of lung function testing, exercise testing and sleep study testing.
  • Graduates are able to perform diagnostic and therapeutic flexible bronchoscopy for all pediatric age groups and with different levels of complexity.
  • Graduates are able to work in multidisciplinary teams to take care of medically complex patients.
  • Graduates are able to conduct clinical research and quality assurance projects.

Clinical Training and Key Rotations

Key Rotations
Inpatient Peds Pulmonary Service
Outpatient General Pulmonary Clinic
MDT clinics
Sleep Lab

Entry Requirements

  • Completion of an ACGME-I accredited or equivalent residency training program in Pediatrics.
  • Board certification in core specialty (Pediatrics).
  • Hold a valid Medical License or be eligible for licensure in Qatar (click here for more details).

Contact Information

  • Program Director: Mutasim Abu-Hasan, MD
  • GME Email: gme@sidra.org