Medical Genetics

Program Overview

The Pediatric Medical Genetic subspecialty provides genetic counselling, diagnosis and management of individuals/families affected with or at risk for the development of genetic disorders or diseases in which heredity plays a major role. We have daily general clinical and metabolic genetic clinics. The training in the clinical genetics represents the intersection of many disciplines: pediatrics, internal medicine, basic genetics and medical biochemistry.

This training program has been designed to prepare trainees to function effectively at the intersection, irrespective of their basic clinical science background and will be expected to be able to learn and be familiar with various investigations and laboratory monitoring of a wide range of inherited metabolic conditions.

Our 3 years fellowship will include:

  • Inpatient consultations for metabolic and genetic patients.
  • Inpatient care and management of metabolic patients.
  • Outpatient clinic for genetic and metabolic patients.
  • Cytogenetic, molecular and metabolic lab rotations.
  • Formal lectures and weekly educational activities.
  • Participation in the on call for Genetic and metabolic consultations.
  • Research rotations and elective rotations.

Clinical Training and Key Rotations

Key Rotations
Cytogenetic lab
Molecular lab
Metabolic Lab
Genetic counselling
Metabolic dietician

Entry Requirements

  • Completion of an ACGME-I accredited or equivalent residency training program in Pediatrics.
  • Board certification in core specialty (Pediatrics).
  • Hold a valid Medical License or be eligible for licensure in Qatar (click here for more details).

Contact Information