The Pediatric Emergency Medicine at Sidra Medicine is a 3-year Fellowship program aiming to prepare physicians to become competent in Pediatric Emergency Medicine. Fellows will develop a broad range of clinical, research, teaching, administrative skills, disaster management and crisis response during the course of the Fellowship. The Fellows will be rotating in the Pediatric Emergency Department at Sidra Medicine in addition they will be rotating in the subspecialties required for training in Pediatric Emergency Medicine both at Sidra Medicine and HMC.

The Fellowship program is designed for pediatric trainees interested in a career in Pediatric Emergency Medicine focused on Pediatric Emergency Medicine and Research. It is also for Emergency medicine trainees who wish to subspecialize in Pediatric Emergency medicine.

Goals and Objectives

The Pediatric Emergency Medicine (PEM) Fellowship Program will train Fellows:

  • To develop proficiency in the clinical practice of pediatric emergency medicine; to acquire subspecialty expertise in the care of an acutely ill or injured child or adolescent.
  • To develop competency in the education of other health care providers about the discipline of pediatric emergency medicine.
  • To be able to triage and prioritize multiple patients efficiently
  • To gain knowledge in and apply principles of epidemiology in research.
  • To develop familiarity with administrative issues related to pediatric emergency medicine.

Clinical Training and Key Rotations

Key Rotations
Pediatric Emergency - Sidra Medicine

The   Fellows must be able to recognize and manage a full range of Common Pediatric Emergency Conditions and must demonstrate knowledge of the Emergency Department management of conditions listed below:
Pediatric Orthopedic - Sidra Medicine

Evaluate and manage orthopedic problems presenting to the ED.
Pediatric Anesthesia - Sidra Medicine

To augment their knowledge and skill in the intubation of the pediatric airway, Be introduced to the management of the non-intubated paralyzed pediatric patient.
Pediatric ENT and Ophthalmology - Sidra Medicine

To provide Fellows with experience in management of children presenting to emergency department with acute Ophthalmology and ENT Emergencies.
Pediatric intensive care unit - Sidra Medicine

To provide fellows with experience in management of sick children with potential respiratory distress, shock, sepsis and post-surgical complication within all pediatric age groups in PICU.
Pediatric Toxicology - Sidra Medicine

Gain exposure to and experience in the management of patients who present with Poisoning and drug overdose.
Adult Emergency Medicine - HMC

To gain exposure in management of Adult Patients presenting to Emergency Department with life threatening complications.
Adult Trauma - HMC

Evaluate and manage the multiply injured Adult patients.

Entry Requirements

  • Completion of an ACGME-I accredited or equivalent residency training program in Pediatrics.
  • Board certification in core specialty (Pediatrics).
  • Hold a valid Medical License or be eligible for licensure in Qatar (click here for more details).
  • Demonstrate strong interest in Pediatric Emergency Medicine with commitment to the specialty and keen interest to learn and shows interest in academic and scholarly activities

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