Undergraduate Medical Education

Sidra Medicine’s Undergraduate Medical Education Programs support medical students’ clerkships and placements in children's and women’s healthcare services at Sidra Medicine. We have affiliation agreements with renowned local and international medical universities, including being the primary teaching hospital for medical students from Weill Cornell Medicine - Qatar and Qatar University Medical College.


Sidra Medicine provides students with training opportunities in specialized pediatric services and women’s healthcare during their clerkships. Our strong partnership with WCMQ and QU includes academic appointments in the medical college and teaching and lecturing medical students in clinical science subjects.


Medical Student Observership Program


The Observership program is an informal shadowing experience that enables students to observe procedures and surgeries, attend patient rounds and teaching conferences, and observe history-taking and other outpatient procedures in the outpatient clinic setting. To apply, please reach us at ume@sidra.org

Medical Scholarship Program

The Medical Scholarship Program supports students to obtain the necessary qualifications to begin a career at Sidra Medicine. Through our support and commitment to student development, our goal is to develop future leaders of Qatar in the healthcare field and to ensure a highly skilled workforce committed to the country. In partnership with the Ministry of Education and Higher Education, the Medical Scholarship Program provides scholarships for students while they complete their undergraduate studies at various universities in Qatar and overseas. Once successfully graduated, they join the Graduate Medical Education Scholarships (Residency & Fellowship), where graduates are supported to complete their training in top-class specialty programs.

As part of our efforts to ensure the high quality of the Medical Scholarship Program, we established affiliations with prestigious Canadian institutions that offer residency and fellowship opportunities for our sponsored graduates. These institutions include the University of Toronto, McGill University, University of British Columbia, University of Calgary, and McMaster University.

To apply for a scholarship, please visit https://scholarship.edu.gov.qa