Simulation Programs

Future Offerings from Sidra Medicine

Sidra Medicine offers an ongoing list of current and future simulation programs. As part of our professional development suite of programs, CPD and CME points are a part of our program standards.

Sidra Medicine Successful Simulation Program

  • Faculty Development/Curriculum Design
  • Debrief Workshops
  • Simulation Program Technical Training

Professional Development Program Examples

  • Vascular Access Course
  • Airway Management Courses
  • Emergency Training Courses
  • Obstetric Simulation Courses
  • Pediatric Simulation Courses
  • Peri-Operative Simulation Courses

Resource Availability

Rooms & Facilities

  • Simulation suites
  • Debriefing rooms
  • Training rooms
  • Clinical skills labs
  • Classroom space

Simulation Equipment

  • Part-task trainers
  • Low-technology to high-technology mannequins
  • Audiovisual and Simulation Management System

Bespoke Course Development/Curriculum Library

Simulation Expertise

  • Our staff