Sidra National Development Strategy 2.0

We are truly committed to opening up multiple pathways for more nationals to join Sidra. Ultimately, success to us means powering the healthcare sector in Qatar with an internationally trained and nationally integrated workforce."
– Sidra Medicine

The healthcare sector in Qatar has undergone major progressive changes. Sidra is putting in place strategies and programs to ensure that nationals adapt to these changes and are ready to bring further progress and innovation in the field.

Sidra is committed to investing in the growth and development of our future Qatari healthcare professionals and leaders as part of our National Development 2.0 strategy.

The strategy is a clear affirmation in support of Qatar’s National Vision 2030 and the country’s national health strategies.

Sidra has customized its national development as well as learning and development programs to ensure that Qatari students sponsored by Sidra as well as employees at all levels are given access to the right training tools, mentorship programs and learning opportunities to advance their careers in healthcare.

The National Development Strategy 2.0 at Sidra aims to further grow the number of Qatari’s joining the healthcare sector.

LEAD Yourself

an accredited development program (from the Institute of Leadership and Management, UK) designed to provide nationals with the knowledge, skills and capabilities required to succeed in the workplace.

Leadership Behaviors

To support to promote and support behavioral expectations of all employees.


A development program designed to support all nationals achieve their full potential. The program places the onus on the individual to invest in their professional growth via a development plan.

Coaching as a Management Style

This demonstrate the effectiveness of coaching as a tool to guide performance and development conversations.

GE Healthcare Leadership

Joint collaboration course that provides an opportunity for managers to leverage their skills through on the job project-based activities, coaching and project reporting.

Exploring international and local partnerships for work placements

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