Roona Aniapravan

Roona Aniapravan MBBS,MRCPCH

Attending Physician Years Of Experience: 17
  • About the Physician

    Dr. Roona Aniapravan is an Attending Physician in Pediatric Emergency at Sidra Medicine.

    Dr Roona Aniapravan joined Sidra Medicine in December 2017 and has been working as an Attending Physician in Pediatric Emergency. She is the Program Director for PEM Fellows and Residents. Dr Roona was the Sepsis Lead for Pediatric Emergency and member of Pediatric Emergency and Hospital Guideline Committee.

    Prior to joining Sidra Medicine, Dr Roona worked as a Consultant Pediatrician for 6 years at Ipswich Hospital, United Kingdom.
     In addition to working as a Consultant Pediatrician, Dr Roona has also a keen interest in Pediatric Pulmonology and Allergy and was the Respiratory Lead for 6 years at Ipswich Hospital, UK.

    Languages Spoken


    Years Of Experience
    • Great Ormond Street Hospital for children, London UK
    • Cambridge University Hospital , UK
    • Royal Brompton Hospital, London, UK
    • MBBS: Bangalore Medical College, Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, 2001
    • MRCPCH, FRCPCH: Royal college of Pediatrics and Child Health, 2006
    Areas of Interest
    • Pediatric Emergency
    • Other Specialties:
      • General pediatrics
      • Pulmonology
      • Allergy
    Educational Interests
    • MRCPCH Clinical Examiner for Royal College of Pediatrics and Child Health
    • Assistant Professor in Clinical Pediatrics and Pediatric Emergency, Weill Cornell
    • Program Director PEM Fellows and Residents
    • Faculty for PERP Course Sidra Pediatric Emergency
    Medical Publications (selected publications for last 5 years)
    • Assessing pulsus paradoxus in severe exacerbations of asthma, 26th March 2020 Archives of Diseases in Childhood
    • Magnesium Sulphate for Acute Asthma in children R. Aniapravan, A. Pullattayil, K. Al Ansari, C.V.E. Powell Pediatric Respiratory Review, January 2020
    • Oxygen Therapy in Children, Respiratory Encyclopedia  Sakthivel, M., Aniapravan, R., Abdelgadir, I., Powell, C., 2022. Oxygen Therapy in Children. In: Janes, S.M. (Ed.), Encyclopedia of Respiratory Medicine, vol. 6. Elsevier, October 2021
    • Applied Knowledge of Pediatrics, Chapter Published in MRCPCH Master course 1st Edition, May 2022