Dhullipala Anand


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    Senior Attending Physician

    Dhullipala Anand is a Senior Attending Physician in Neonatal Medicine and Clinical Lead for High Risk Infant Follow Up Program. He has previously worked as a Consultant Neonatologist at the Royal Hospital for Children, Glasgow, United Kingdom.

    Dr. Anand has experience in providing intensive care for newborn infants including extracorporeal life support. In his last job, he was also the lead for a multidisciplinary follow up program aimed at monitoring the growth and development of infants born extremely premature. In addition, he has interest in patient safety and quality improvement. He has done Scottish Patient Safety Program (SPSP) fellowship and contributed to the development of neonatal work stream of the program. He has developed and implemented projects to reduce central line infections, measuring and monitoring of adverse events, delivering evidence based medicine to improve neonatal outcomes and safety and promoting family integrated care. He is also a founding member of Health Foundation’s Q initiative.

    Dr. Anand was awarded PhD from University of Liverpool, United Kingdom, for his research on first trimester fetal loss (vanishing twin) in a twin pregnancy and its consequences on surviving twin. His other research interests include perinatal epidemiology, cerebral palsy and neuroimaging.

    Languages Spoken

    English, Hindi, Telugu