Adult Pain

The new clinic is part of Sidra Medicine’s commitment to providing women with compassionate and excellent care. We offer a holistic approach to treating all kinds of chronic pain.

Common conditions we treat include:

We treat all kinds of chronic pain in women, including post caesarean section/operative pain; pelvic pain; knee, shoulder or neck pain; headaches and more. Did you know that the most common chronic pain areas diagnosed in women are in the pelvic region, the back or knees?

  • Pelvic pain is usually felt in the groin and lower abdomen. It can be caused by nerve sensitivity in the pelvic organs, painful periods, adhesions as well as urinary tract and bowel problems. Another reason for pelvic pain is endometriosis, a common condition where some of the lining of the womb spills out onto the pelvis causing severe period pain.
  • Back pain is usually due to aging or issues with back muscles, the backbone or spinal cord.
  • Knee pain can be the result of degenerative osteoarthritis, ligament and soft tissue injury


  • At Sidra Medicine, we conduct a full examination to help determine the cause of the pain. We discuss the available treatment options with patients so that they can decide on the one that best suits them.
  • Our patient and family centered care features input from a range of specialists in different disciplines, including gynecology, pain medicine, physiotherapy and clinical psychology.
  • Patients are offered treatment which is monitored throughout the therapy duration. Treatment of chronic pain may involve medication including injection by guided X-rays, nerve blocks, active physical therapy, behavioural interventions, ultrasound and assistance with vocational evaluation and training.

The Adult Pain Clinic is available for female adults from 18 years old and above. The clinic is not aimed at cancer patients or those on palliative care. It is also not available to patients with a history of drug abuse including recreational substances and chronic alcoholism.