Nursing and Midwifery

More than 80 nationalities combine to provide exemplary patient and family-centered evidence-based care for the women and children of Qatar and patients from abroad. Guided by the Professional Practice Model, patients, families, and staff work collaboratively to advance health and well-being.

Professional Practice Model:

Designed in collaboration with patients and their families, the model encapsulates the translation of nursing, midwifery, and allied health practice into exceptional care. The LIGHT model — Leadership, Involvement, Growth, Health, Through effective communication — symbolizes staff leading the way, demonstrating excellence through innovative, evidence-based practice to drive a commitment to patients and ensure that everything we do promotes personalized care and exceptional outcomes.

The five domains of the Professional Practice Model represent the elements chosen and defined by staff, patients, and their families.

Patient and Family Centered Care
A safe and family-friendly environment where patients’ best interests are prioritized. A professional multi-disciplinary team delivers care with the patient and family at the heart of the decision-making process.

Quality, Safety, and Research
Includes using and applying evidence for quality improvement and systematic research to enhance patient and family outcomes.

A culture of teamwork and respect that prioritizes human wellness and staff recognition, promoting a healthy and holistic work-life balance supporting personal and professional growth.

Shared Leadership
An organizational approach in which everyone has a voice and accountability to influence decisions that drive the development and implementation of innovations in practice.

Effective Communication
An inclusive two-way process in which information about patient, family, and system needs are shared, heard and acted upon.

Professional Practice Model


Shared Leadership


Serving as a formal infrastructure to promote a culture of collaboration at all levels of nursing, midwifery, and allied health staff, the robust framework actively promotes shared decision-making, ensuring staff who provide direct care are engaged in activities to build a safe, evidence-based practice environment. The collaborative and inclusive approach ensures that patients and families receive personalized care leading to exceptional outcomes.

Shared Leadership

Nursing Residency

The 12-month program for graduate nurses aids the transition from student to competent clinical nurse.
The program defines outcomes to promote clinical competence, safe patient care, and professional development, including an evaluation process to guide continual improvement and meet individual, organizational, patient, and family needs.

The nurse residents participate in extensive classroom and simulation training in addition to clinical placements on our specialty pediatric or women’s units. Residents are supported by a robust network of clinical nurse managers, clinical educators, facilitators, and preceptors.