Pediatric Wellness Clinic

At Sidra Medicine’s Pediatric Wellness Clinic, we offer a patient and family focused approach to care for children and young people up to the age of 18. The private clinic offers various diagnostic and preventative services, including immunizations, in accordance with Qatar’s Ministry of Public Health's recommendations.

With routine wellness checks, we can empower you, as the parent, to acquire important information related to your child’s physical, emotional and mental health. This can help you to make impactful decisions and take necessary actions to maintain your child’s well-being. Routine check-ups and regular vaccines and screenings, can also ensure you manage or prevent serious health conditions, when they are at an early stage.

By choosing Sidra Medicine, should any abnormalities be found, or if we believe your child needs a more thorough medical examination, we can refer your child to see one of our pediatric specialists in a timely manner. That way your child’s entire health record will be available to a multidisciplinary team of experts, to ensure your child receives the most well-rounded care possible.

The Pediatric Wellness Clinic is a private service and does not require a referral. We accept self-pay and insurance including direct billing with select providers. Reach out to us today and book an appointment for a wellness check with our board-certified team of qualified medical practitioners.

Why are wellness checks important?

  • The doctor can discuss the family health history to determine the state of your child’s current health and lifestyle including that of your family
  • We will recommend certain tests to look for health problems like obesity,  diabetes, and other  medical conditions
  • If any abnormalities are found, the doctor can refer your child to a specialist
  • We will help establish age-appropriate healthy weight and growth expectations
  • Keep up to date with your child’s vaccines
  • Providing family-centered emotional support
  • Health information saved in one place in the Sidra Medicine patient portal
  • Health Education where you will receive anticipatory guidance


Our highly qualified team evaluates the child's development and assists parents in playing a crucial part in their child's growth and well-being.  By choosing Sidra Medicine, there is the added value of the physician being able to provide a direct referral to see the right pediatric focused specialist, to provide complete care for your child.

  • Measurements and physical examinations

Checks on blood, weight and height monitoring, completed at every visit from infancy to adolescence

  • Vaccines

We offer a comprehensive list of vaccines, approved by Qatar’s Ministry of Public Health as well as vaccines that comply with international requirements, such as HPV vaccines for both males and females as well as the Meningitis B vaccine.


  • Developmental surveillance and screening:
    • Newborn Screening
      Newborn bloodwork, anemia and congenital defect screening
      Vaccination schedule, well-baby services
    • Developmental screening
      This is done during the early childhood phase
      We can also refer children to our in-house developmental pediatric clinic, upon any positive findings during screening assessments.
    • Depression & mental health screening
      This is done as an initial screening during the adolescence phase
      We can also refer children to our in-house adolescent medicine and Child and Adolescent Mental Health clinic, upon any positive findings during screening assessments.

Supporting family services:

  • Health and Wellness Education
    We offer health education, where you will receive anticipatory guidance regarding your child’s health and development
  • Maternal Depression Screening
    Our family centered approach to care, also involves working closely with the parents, particularly mothers who have just delivered a baby. During the infancy phase, we can refer the mother to our Women’s mental health team as needed
  • Lactation Services
    We also provide referrals to  our lactation consultants for comprehensive prenatal and postnatal breastfeeding and counseling.. Our goal is to provide you with evidence-based information to help you and your family make the best feeding choices.

Examples of the types of wellness checks we offer at Sidra Medicine:


We work closely with our maternity services and neonatology teams to provide newborn screening and regular check ups.  
We can support your child’s MOPH approved vaccine and screening schedule  


Have you noticed that your child is small for their age compared to other children? Or do you believe your child is a fussy eater? We will work with you to keep up with an up to date well-baby assessment related to:

  • Growth and developmental monitoring
  • Feeding and height checks
  • Concerns for excessive weight gain
  • Body mass index (BMI) greater than the 85th percentile (overweight) with or without associated health conditions
  • BMI greater than 95th percentile (obese) with or without associated health conditions or concerns
  • Oral health checks


We offer routine assessments of older children's hearing, vision, blood pressure, language, and development.

If you are an expatriate parent, we understand that some countries such as the USA and UK, have additional vaccine requirements. We offer HPV vaccines for both male and female children (Starting from the age of 9).

Young People:

Are you worried that your teenager has been acting differently lately? Are you concerned about their mental health?
Our team will work closely with them and the family to guide them through any initial screening requirements, before recommending any in-house specialists such as our child and adolescent mental health team.