Audiologists work very closely with the following clinics within the hospital:

  • Ear, nose, and throat (ENT)
  • Craniofacial and plastics
  • Nurses in the universal and newborn hearing screening program
  • Allied Health

Caring for a Child with Hearing Loss

Hearing loss is serious, but treatments have made it so that children can still live happy, fulfilling lives. Though there is not yet a cure for hearing loss, hearing aids and other listening devices have made it so young people can overcome the major effects of this condition.

Audiology-Team-00409At Sidra Medicine, we provide hearing aid fitting and a variety of follow up services to ensure our patients have the resources they need to hear clearly, including:

  • Audiologic rehabilitation
  • Hearing management strategies
  • Speech perception evaluations following hearing aid fittings
  • Identification and management of auditory processing disorders
  • Ototoxicity monitoring of auditory systems
  • Education for patients, caregivers, and other professionals
  • Diagnostic audiology assessments following newborn hearing screenings
  • Consultations with educators and community therapists