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Our Commitment to Quality

NSQIPSidra Medicine participates in the National Surgical Quality Improvement Program (ACS-NSQIP) Pediatric and, on that basis, is recognized for its dedication to achieving the best surgical results for its patients. This widely-recognized program is used to measure and improve the quality of surgical care. View Sidra Medicine's inclusion in the ACS NSQIP® Pediatric Semiannual Report | January 2019

The Program involves collecting high quality clinical data and comparing outcomes (e.g., death, surgical complications, length of hospital stay) across hospitals, after adjusting for between-hospital differences in the health of their patients and the difficulty and risks of the procedures that they undertake. These results are given back to hospitals, so that they can appraise their performance compared to the many other hospitals in the Program. This knowledge of comparative performance is the essential first step for improvement. Once this is known, hospitals can take advantage of Program-identified best practices to improve their own results.

Hospital participation is voluntary and requires a substantial commitment of financial resources and staff time in collecting data, evaluating results, changing the quality “culture”, and implementing changes to improve surgical outcomes. More information about ACS Quality Programs can be found at

As participants in ACS-NSQIP, all of our clinical outcomes are tracked and reported to leadership and frontline staff. This means that key members of our hospital are made aware of any surgical complications so they can take measures to prevent them in the future.

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We also offer Child Life Services to offer developmental and psychosocial support for children at Sidra Medicine.

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Preparing for Surgery

We make sure all of our patients and their families are thoroughly prepared for surgery and the follow-up recovery. You will visit the hospital at least once before the surgery date to receive surgery preparation instructions and consultation with our staff. Be sure to bring your insurance card and any relevant medical records with you to this appointment. During this first visit, we will assess your child’s readiness for surgery and provide them and you with an opportunity to ask questions. We will also go over whether the patient needs to start or stop taking any medications as their surgery date gets closer. If necessary, we may schedule a follow-up appointment with an anesthesiologist to prepare the patient’s surgery sedatives.

Hope for children with Ewings Sarcoma

Sidra Medicine physicians and surgeons talk about how they helped save the life and limb of a young patient with Ewings Sarcoma.