Sidra Child Advocacy Program (S-CAP)

Sidra Medicine established its Child Advocacy Program (S-CAP) to coordinate the care of children suspected of being abused or neglected.

Our team of specialists identify signs of child abuse and work closely with national social services, law enforcement and the legal sector to provide a comprehensive service to vulnerable children and families.

The S-CAP service is under Sidra Medicine’s Pediatric Emergency Department, which also has clinics based in its outpatient clinic. The service is staffed by trained doctors, nurses and social workers including Arabic speaking team members. We work closely with our Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service team to provide counselling and support to the victims of child abuse.

We provide a safe, discrete facility for conducting interviews, medical examinations, and creating medical and legal reports maintaining confidentiality and respecting privacy.  We also arrange necessary referrals and coordinate care for the children and their families.

If you work in another healthcare clinic, school or a government/non-governmental institute and wish to refer a child or if you are seeking guidance or advice: Please contact our on-call services on 4003-7227, which takes calls between 0800 am to 12 midnight.

If you are a member of the general public or you suspect that a child you know or in your household is being abused: Please contact our dedicated Child helpline 4003-4000. If you are unable to speak to a representative, please leave a message and your contact number.

If you believe the child is in immediate danger, please call emergency services or the police on 999.