Stephen Krause

Executive Director of the Office of the Chief Executive Officer

Stephen Krause is the Executive Director of the Office of the Chief Executive Officer. Mr Krause is responsible for supporting the CEO in development and execution of the strategy. He oversees the Project Management Alignment Office which drives organization transformation through delivery of large, complex, and strategically important initiatives aligned with the mission and vision. He is also responsible for Marketing, Communications, Business Development and Outreach, aligning and driving these functions to increase awareness of the brand and services as well as support financial stability and growth in revenue.

Mr. Krause has had an extensive 25 plus year career in medical and behavioral healthcare in senior leadership and advisory roles in finance and budget analysis and project management in the U.S.A. Prior to joining Sidra Medicine, he was the Financial Controller for Northwest Kidney Centers (Seattle Washington) and the Director of Finance for 6M Geriatrics and Hospital Medicine (Seattle Washington).

Mr. Krause has a Master of Arts in Accounting and certificate of completion Internal Auditing graduate program recognized by the International Institute of Internal Auditors from Florida International University and a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Management from Portland State University in the U.S.A.